Are you feeling like one of the drivers from the movie Tokyo drift? If yes, let us forewarn you that they were highly trained professionals. Having said so, any uncontrolled drifting on a wet road is never a good sign. If the same is the case with you and your car, keep calm and don’t make sudden movements. You might have fallen victim to aquaplaning. 

To put it in simple terms aquaplaning is the involuntary skidding of the vehicle on wet roads. When the tyres of your car are unable to maintain traction with the road due to the presence of a layer of water, it points to the aquaplaning issues. Because of the lack of necessary grip between the road and the tyres, no brakes will be effective in the situation. Most of the accidents that happen in the rainy season are due to this aquaplaning phenomenon.

What should you consider to avoid aquaplaning?

1. Tyre tread depth: Tread of your car tyres play a crucial role while maintaining the needed traction in wet conditions. Just like the sole of your shoes, the treads of tyres help in the displacement of water between the road and the Tyres Newark. Therefore, you must check your tyres’ treads before taking your vehicle to a rain-washed street. Though the legal tread depth that is required by your tyres is 1.6mm or above, our experts recommend you to always maintain it above 3mm. Any departure from the suggested tread depth can lead to catastrophic results on the road.

2. Lower your speed: First of all, you should not speed your way through on a wet road. Any speeding can result in an uncontrolled vehicle. The second thing you should do is, never push your brakes too hard if you become a victim to aquaplaning. Pushing the brakes hard will cause your vehicle to fishtail and skid in an uneven fashion. Always take your foot off of the accelerator slowly and steadily bring your vehicle to rest.

3. Follow the leader: You might have noticed tracks of vehicles on the road that are in front of you. One should try to follow these tracks as it is the path that has a minimum amount of water. It doesn’t matter if you precisely follow it, but you can always try to do the same.

4. Drive smoothly and keep your calm: The only thing that can help you drive comfortably in a problematic situation is keeping your composure. Any panic movements lead to future disasters. Therefore, if you are steering your vehicle, make sure to do it in the steadiest way possible. It can do wonders as expert drivers reading this article may already know what we are talking about.

In any case, if you are driving in the snow or on a wet road, it is always better to take necessary precautions. Therefore to help you with your driving, we offer a wide range of Winter Tyres Newark. The treads of tyres that we store are specially designed to fight against challenging road situations. Hence, don’t forget to visit us, here at Farnsfield Auto Centre, and be snow-ready.